Navigating Academic integrity in the digital era: challenges, strategies, and solutions

Autor(es) : Dontoh, Juliana; Annan-Brew, Ruth Keziah; Ruth Keziah Annan-Brew; Kpodoe, Ivy Ama; Dadzie, Justice

Editor : 2023

Paginación : 6 p.

Serie : Journal of Education and Practice, Vol.14, No.25

In contrast to the slower pace of adopting online learning seen in the previous decades, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a rapid and widespread shift to online education. However, this sudden transition also led to an increase in academic dishonesty, posing a threat to the integrity of online courses. Many educational institutions and educators are uncertain about how to effectively respond to these new forms of cheating. This research aimed to understand the recent changes in academic dishonesty based on the latest literature. The study revealed concerning trends: new methods of contract cheating and collaborative cheating, shifting perceptions of cheating among students, a reported increase in online cheating, and a lack of strong institutional efforts to address these challenges. Despite these difficulties, the study also identified a range of potential solutions, both innovative and well-established, that can help counteract the problem of academic dishonesty, provided there is a willingness and the necessary resources to implement them.

  • Fraude académico, Trampa , Educación contra la corrupción, Higher education