Fighting corruption through education

Autor(es) : Keen, Ellie

Organización(es) : Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (Hungary)

Editor : Budapest, Open Society Institute, 2000

Paginación :

43 p.

Serie : COLPI papers, 1

Notas :

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This paper was developed with the aim of assisting the Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (COLPI) in identifying and formulating a new programme line in anti-corruption measures that include a public awareness and/or an educational component, where these measures are not already covered in existing Open Society Institute (OSI) programmes. The paper is divided into two parts: first, education in the community as a whole, in the form of promoting public awareness of corruption; second, initiatives in schools that could be used to develop understanding and awareness of different aspects of corruption among young people and an appreciation of methods that could be used to reduce its prevalence.

  • Rendición de cuentas, Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Sociedad civil, Corrupción, Desarrollo económico y social, Alumnos/estudiantes, Docentes, Formación de los docentes , Juventud
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