Embezzlement at the University of California: an instructional case in employee fraud

Autor(es) : Dwyer, P. D.

Organización : American Accounting Association (USA)

Editor : 1998

Paginación :

p. 975-984

Serie : Issues in Accounting Education, 13, 4

This case introduces students to a common type of employee fraud and illustrates how the professional guidance applies in that situation. The case can be used to integrate coverage on the following audit topics: the auditor's consideration of the internal control structure; audit materiality; and the design of substantive audit tests. In addition, the case can be used to illustrate the limitations of certain routine audit procedures in terms of their usefulness in fraud detection and to introduce students to non-routine audit procedures that are most effective for fraud detection purposes. The case is primarily intended for use in an under-graduate auditing course, but could also be used in connection with coverage of governmental auditing topics in either an advanced auditing course or a governmental accounting course.

  • Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Corrupción, Fraude, Desviación de fondos, Herramientas de diagnóstico / Encuestas, Auditoría, Gestión educacional, Administración central, Finanzas, Personal universitario , Higher education
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