Education in a hidden marketplace: monitoring of private tutoring: overview and country reports

Autor(es) : Silova, Iveta; Budiene, Virginija; Bray, Mark; Zabulionis, Algirdas

Organización : Open Society Institute (USA), The Network of Education Policy Centers

Editor : New York, OSI, 2006

Paginación :

355 p.

The Education Support Program (ESP) has published Education in a Hidden Marketplace: Monitoring of Private Tutoring, the result of the Monitoring Private Tutoring Project, initiated by ESP in close cooperation with the Network of Education Policy Centers. This report presents the results of a study that examines how education has been affected by private tutoring in nine former socialist countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,Georgia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The comparative study is the first document of its kind in the former socialist countries that looks into the main factors behind the phenomena; its scale, cost, geographic spread and subjects involved; the educational, social, and economic impact of private tutoring on the education system; the policy options and alternative approaches. The publication consists of an in-depth international comparative overview-country reports prepared by nine Education Policy Centers and their partners as well as a set of recommendations for policymakers. This report can be useful for national legislative bodies, education ministries, school administrators, local authorities, policymakers, and other education stakeholders to help raise awareness of the problems and benefits of private tutoring. It can also serve as an advocacy tool in the effort to make national education policies more equitable for all students.

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  • Europa
    Bosnia y Herzegovina, Croacia, Georgia, Lituania, Mongolia, Polonia, Eslovaquia, Ucrania, Azerbaiyán