Secondary education in Ukraine: corruption and anti-corruption

Auteur(s) : Bergin, Jamie

Organisation : U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

Editeur : 2024

Pages :

23 p.

Collection : U4 Helpdesk Answer 2024: 13

Secondary education in Ukraine provides students with both academic and vocational learning opportunities. However, the sector, in particular academic and financial processes, is afflicted by risks of bribery, misappropriation, favouritism and conflict of interest, as well as additional vulnerabilities created by the prevalence of private tutoring and parent donations. While the ongoing Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine has put new strains on the sector, recent developments such as initiatives in oversight and transparency point to enhanced management of risks in secondary education.

  • Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Corruption, Pots-de-vin, Conflit d'intérêt, Favoritisme, Fraude, Soutien scolaire privé , Marchés publics, Transparence, Secondary education
  • Ukraine