Emerging from the shadow: a comparative qualitative exploration of private tutoring in Eurasia

Auteur(s) : Jokic, Boris

Organisation : Network of Education Policy Centers (Croatia)

Editeur : Zagreb, Network of Education Policy Centers, 2013

Pages :

334 p.

Collection : NEPC Comparative Studies in Education, 002

This book presents the findings arising out of the exploration and analysis of educational stakeholders' perspectives regarding the private tutoring phenomenon, and places its central focus on a comparison of these findings across research settings. As a comparative qualitative research effort conducted over the course of 18 months in five countries, it was of vital importance to first develop a sound and manageable research design. Book offers methodological, factual and analytical contribution to the existing literature.

  • Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Parents, Soutien scolaire privé , Enseignants, Private education
  • Europe
    Azerbaïdjan, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Géorgie, Estonie, Croatie