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    Why a Code for Teachers Now?


    - Economic and Political Weekly

    The National Council for Teacher Education has drafted a professional code for school teachers that aims to restore "dignity and integrity" to the vocation of teaching. Everyone would agree that the vocation needs more respect than it receives now, but enforcing ethics must come after and not before dealing with the many and deep-rooted ills that plague school education in the country.

  • Newspaper

    Teaching corruption subject at primary school level will eradicate corruption

    Tanzania UR

    Jamilah Khaji - The Citizen

    Corruption threatens good governance, sustainable development, democratic process and fair business environment. Young Citizen reporter caught students from Mapambano Tuition Center expressing their views in a debate whose motion is: teaching corruption subject from primary school level will help to eradicate corruption.

  • Newspaper

    Why is plagiarism poisoning universities?


    Philippe Jacqué - Le Monde

    Students, lecturers: who are the plagiarists? Has the Internet revolutionized cheating? How can we combat this phenomenon, which over the last five years has taken on exponential dimensions.

  • Newspaper

    Education Minister urges new ethics code to end row over teaching Zionism


    Or Kashti - Haartez

    Professors say that 'code of ethics' would destroy academia, intervention by outside body endangers academic freedom.

  • How to spot and counter diploma mills

    The importance of this publication lies in its success, in less than 100 pages, in providing both an overview of the issue and practical ways to identify bogus providers and accrediting agencies. Many monographs and websites have provided practical...

    Finocchietti, Carlo, Checcacci, Claudia, Lantero, Luca


  • Newspaper

    Commissions lock horns over fake degrees


    Ameen Amjad Khan - University World News

    The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Election Commission of Pakistan have locked horns over the verification of fake university degrees held by members of the federal and provincial assemblies, as the scandal spread to qualifications obtained at high school.

  • Newspaper

    I will not resign over fraud charge – Education Minister


    Sam Kiplagat - Daily Nation

    Nairobi — Higher Education minister has said he will not resign over a Sh96m fraud charge leveled against him in court.

  • Newspaper

    Teacher certificate forgeries overwhelm Government


    Patience Ahimbisibwe - The Monitor

    The Ministry of Education has said it is overwhelmed by the number of teachers who gained employment using forged documents. The Director of Basic Education said that a survey found that all districts in Eastern Uganda have several cases of forgeries. The same has been discovered in the Central region as investigations continue in other parts of the country.

  • Newspaper

    Massive graft' turns off Canadian aid tap


    - Daily Nation

    Kenya is no longer a country of focus for aid from Canada, the country's new High Commissioner has said, due to massive graft. He cited the scandal surrounding the Sh103 million embezzled from the Free Primary Education programme.

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