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Please send us links to any books, reports, academic papers or journal articles you have published on corruption in education to be included in our library. We are also keen to hear about any other interesting research or content that you have come across in your own research.

Researchers and doctoral students are invited to submit a blogpost on issues related to transparency, accountability or anti-corruption in the field of education. Eligible submissions will be featured on the ETICO blog, which is regularly shared with our worldwide network via the ETICO bulletin. Please don’t hesitate to check out our past submissions and share your expertise with the ETICO community by posting your comments!

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We provide regular updates about training opportunities on transparency, accountability, and measures to fight against corruption as they become available on our Training page or though the ETICO bulletin.

We also offer tailor made training to Governments, NGOs, universities or development agencies upon request. Please write to us for more information on our training offer.  

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If you would like to become more directly involved in our activities, we offer internships at Master, PHD or post-doc level. We also provide opportunities for research fellows to join us. If you are interested, please submit your CV and motivation letter to

Please note that preference is given to interns with postgraduate training in the fields of education, political science, economics, or development studies.

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In the media


In the media

AI and cheating in education: How can we safeguard the integrity of exams?

By Dr Phillip Dawson, Dr Christina Wikstrom, Shivi Chandra - EduSkills OECD


In the media

Fake academic papers are on the rise: Why they’re a danger and how to stop them

By Lex Bouter - The Conversation

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