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    A circular consist of the code of moral conduct and common regulations for teachers

    Sri Lanka

    - The Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka

    The Minister of Education stated that it is important to formulate a teachers' code of conduct which paves the way for teachers to behave in a respective manner and to create a good teacher role in schools where they are committed to and love the children. The measure was introduced to the national school principals and the zonal directors of education.

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    Rising rights violations against students

    Sri Lanka

    Dinesh De Alwis - University World News

    Two student unions in Sri Lanka have published a report claiming an increase in rights violations against university students. It stated that students have suffered more than 1,000 human rights abuses since 2009. Abuses include hundreds of class cancellations, unlawful imprisonment of students, and unwarranted disciplinary hearings by the universities.

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    Nigeria: Teaching needs ethical regulation to improve education


    Abu Nmodu - All Africa

    The Niger State Governor has called on the Teachers' Registration Council to go beyond the registration of qualified teachers and enforce basic ethics for teachers, as is being done in other professions. A representative of the All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) also stated teaching could only be a respected profession if there is standard ethics.

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    Kibaki passes law to regulate higher education sector


    Edwin Mutai - Business Daily

    Foreign universities offering degrees in Kenya without accreditation will be fined at least Sh10 million and their promoters sent to jail for three years under a new law meant to safeguard education standards. The Commission on University Education (CUE) will replace the Commission of Higher Education in overseeing university standards.

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    Nigeria: Education Minister dismisses N6.8 billion bribery allegation


    Favour Nnabugwu - Vanguard

    The Nigerian Minister of State for Education has discharged bribery allegations of 40 per cent (N6.8bn) kick-back from 4th quarter allocation of 104 Unity Colleges from principals of schools. The Minister claimed that the report was baseless and false.

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    Universities' acts amended to bring VCs under scrutiny


    Mansoor Malik - Dawn Newspaper

    The Punjab government has amended Punjab Universities' Acts to bring vice-chancellors under scrutiny after identifying unabated misuse of powers by them under the garb of emergency powers. It reported that almost all Punjab universities' vice-chancellors had appointed top officials in universities, including registrars, treasurers and controllers of examinations by giving additional charge to their "favorite" faculty members.

  • Looking beyond the numbers: stakeholders and multiple school accountability

    How to hold autonomous schools and school governing boards accountable for their decisions and performance has become a particularly pressing question for central governments in many OECD countries. Increasing complexity in education systems has led...

    Hooge, Edith, Burns, Tracey, Wilkoszewski, Harald

    Paris, OECD, 2012

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    Students warned of unregistered courses

    South Africa

    Leanee Jansen - IOL News

    The Department of Higher Education has warned students to be wary of "registered" private colleges which offer certificates, diplomas and degrees but do not have its stamp of approval. A department spokesman expressed concern about the current trend whereby institutions secured registration for one or two programmes, and then used this status as a cover to offer other unregistered courses.

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    Bribery and laundering charges reveal accreditation mess


    María Elena Hurtado - World University News

    The former president of Chile's National Accreditation Commission (NCA) and two former university rectors have been jailed on charges of bribery and money laundering. They will spend at least six months in prison, which is how long the Public Prosecution Office has said it will take to investigate the charges.

  • IAU-MCO guidelines for an institutional code of ethics in higher education

    The International Association of Universities and the Magna Charta Observatory have jointly drawn up the following Guidelines for an Institutional Code of Ethics in Higher Education (hereafter Guidelines) to encourage the adoption of comprehensive...

    International Association of Universities

    Paris, IAU, 2012

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