A selection of ETICO Tools

The ETICO platform makes available a number of tools and resources developed by IIEP to assist the Member States in the fight against corruption. IIEP’s experts are also available to assist countries in the implementation or adaptation of these tools.


IIEP’s glossary includes about 40 definitions of key terms associated with the thematic of ethics and corruption. Definitions are illustrated by examples from the education sector 

Statistical map

IIEP’s interactive statistical map is a valuable tool for researchers who are looking to find comparable data on corruption around the world. Click here to access the map, or here to discover more information on existing surveys and types of data available.

Guidelines on Open School Data 

Building on IIEP’s extensive research, the recently published ‘Open School Data: What Planners Need to Know’ provides practical step-by-step guidelines for decision-makers and educational planners, who are looking to successfully develop and implement open school data initiatives. Download the book here

Codes of Conduct

To help countries in the design and implementation of teacher codes of conduct and ethical charters, IIEP has developed Guidelines, describing every step involved in the  development of a code. 

Access more resources on IIEP's thematic page on teacher codes including ETICO’s interactive map on codes of conduct currently in use in 76 countries worldwide.


Training materials

Click here to view our interactive map and consult available training materials from past IIEP’s courses or workshops for download.

Forthcoming! Guidelines on Integrity Assessments

IIEP’s experts have assisted a number in conducting integrity assessments of various aspects of their education sectors, most recently in Guinea and in Georgia.

IIEP’s guidelines for conducting integrity assessments will be available early 2022. Watch this space!