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  • Making government anti-corruption hotlines effective

    Anti-corruption hotlines provide a key channel for governments to receive complaints from individuals who have come into contact with or been victims of corruption. Increasingly, hotlines are being valued as a channel for citizen redress and as a...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2009

  • Measuring change and results in voice and accountability work

    Citizens' capacity to express and exercise their views is a vital part of poverty reduction. States that can be held accountable for their actions are more likely to respond to the different needs and demands of the public. Citizen voice and...

    Holland, Jeremy, Thirkell, Allyson, Trepanier, Emmanuel, Earle, Lucy

    London, DFID, 2009

  • Governance in education: raising performance

    The impacts of education investments in developing and transition countries are typically measured by inputs and outputs. Missing from the education agenda are measures of performance that reflect whether education systems are meeting their...

    Lewis, Maureen, Pettersson, Gunilla Gelander

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2009

  • The Code of conduct for teachers and other education personnel in Sierra Leone

    The Code of Conduct sets out standards of professional behavior for teachers and other education personnel in their relationships with learners, their colleagues, parents and the general public Sierra Leone.

    Sierra Leone. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

    Freetown, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, 2009

  • The Anti-corruption plain language guide

    Transparency International (TI) has developed the first "Anti-Corruption Plain Language Guide". The guide provides standardized, easy-to-understand definitions for 45 key terms commonly used by the anti-corruption movement - from "access to...

    Transparency International

    Berlin, Transparency International, 2009

  • Newspaper

    Entrance-exam points bought, parents say


    Lilian Zhang - South China Morning Post

    Disgruntled parents in Zhejiang have complained to provincial education authorities over a policy that gave 19 children of government officials and teachers special treatment in college entrance examinations. These Practices are often linked to abuse of power and corruption, showed the vulnerability of the education system.

  • Newspaper

    Pandor vows to act on university racism report

    South Africa

    Sue Blaine - All Africa

    The committee set up in March last year by the Education Minister to investigate racism and sexism in higher education has revealed that discrimination was pervasive despite all the good policies generated by the institutions. The committee believes that the racism persists in higher education mostly because of the weakness of the institutions' information dissemination: it recommended the creation of a transformation compact which will help to oversight the institutions to sensitize staff to the different needs of students from various cultural and economic backgrounds.

  • Newspaper

    Prejudice denying thousands of children boarding school places


    - The Guardian

    The Boarding Schools Association (BSA) chairman Melvyn Roffe has declared that thousands of vulnerable children are being denied the chance to go to a boarding school because of ignorance and prejudice in local councils. He has also stated that there are hundreds of children whose life would be transformed by having a place in one of those schools, but because of bureaucratic procedures they are condemned to an ever diminishing circle of failure.

  • Newspaper

    Pakistan's ghost schools... partly funded by the World Bank


    Naeem Sadiq - The Observers

    The Sindh Education Minister says that there are 7,700 ghost schools in the province. There is, however, finally some good news regarding this issue: on April 5, 2009 the miscreants who had occupied the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto School at Goth Qaim Kharrul of the Dadu district decided to move out. However, arithmetic tells us that if we continue at this rate, it will take us 7,700 more years to eliminate all of them! And that's only in our province - according to our estimations, there are around 25,000 ghost schools in the country.

  • Newspaper

    Uni cheats don't prosper

    New Zealand

    - The New Zealand Helard

    Cheating is up more than 20 per cent at the country's biggest university. It have been identified 201 cases last year, compared to 166 in 2007, although the student roll remained steady at 38,550. Using cell phones, sneaking unauthorized notes and material, with unpermitted calculators, dictionaries and electronic devices and writing answers before exams started are some of the new and old methods for cheating.

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