Integrating human rights in the anti-corruption agenda: challenges, possibilities and opportunities

Author(s) : Transparency International

Organization : Transparency International, International Council on Human Rights Policy

Imprint : Geneva, ICHRP, 2010

Collation : 104 p.

The report follows on from the groundbreaking 2009 ICHRP publication, Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection, which has been acclaimed by civil society organisations, human rights advocates, anti-corruption campaigners, governments and private enterprise. The new report goes beyond the concepts outlined in Making the Connection to address practical issues of implementation. It shows that use of a human rights framework enhances national and local anti-corruption strategies and discusses how key human rights principles can be operationalised in anti-corruption work. Recognising the disproportionate impact of corruption on women, the report pays particular attention to the value of adopting a gender strategy. Integrating Human Rights innovatively addresses alleged tensions between anti-corruption and human rights practice, concluding that these concerns apply only in limited circumstances, and shows how human rights and anti-corruption practitioners can unite efforts and collaborate effectively.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Civil society, Corruption, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Gender, Non-governemental organizations
  • International