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  • Curbing corruption in public procurement in Asia and the Pacific

    Corruption in public procurement has become a major issue in the Asia-Pacific region as elsewhere in the world. As a result of corruption, private mansions are being built instead of bridges; swimming pools are dug instead of irrigation systems...

    Asian Development Bank, OECD

    Manila, ADB, 2007

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    The State determined to eradicate corruption and fraud in the education



    - IRIN

    For the very first time in Guinea, professors were suspended by their functions for facts of corruption and the students were condemned to pay a fine or to a prison sentence for fraud in the examinations. During his taking of office, Mr Souaré, Minister of the Higher education and the scientific research - who arises from the labor union of the teachers and which fought in the past against the corruption - had indicated that it would make of the fight against the fraud and the corruption its first priority.

  • Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys: lessons from Tanzania

    Whereas the successful application of PETS in Uganda has received and continues to receive a lot of attention, less has been written about the experiences of PETS elsewhere. The Tanzanian experience clearly shows that PETS is not a silver bullet as...

    Sundet, Geir


  • Newspaper

    Alleging political and ethical misconduct at high levels



    - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Three former professors at Oral Roberts University have sued the evangelical institution in Tulsa (Okla) filing a petition in state court that accuses the university's president of using university resources to back a local mayoral candidate and to pay for an extravagant lifestyle for his family. The university released a statement denying the allegations.

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    Fire at Russian University kills 7 students, injures 39

    Russian Federation


    Anna Nemtsova - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    At least seven students died and 39 were injured when their university building was caught on fire. The accident occurred because the university, short of money, had rented out the building's lower three floors as office space, blocking the fire exits. As the chief of fire control of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situation, declared, the university lacked fire alarms, so the emergency services were notified too late.

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    Investigation uncovers admissions scandal at prestigious university in Uganda



    Wachira Kigotho - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Makarere University, in Uganda, one of the most prestigious universities in Africa may revoke 200 degrees awarded in the past years after an internal committee charged with investigating academic fraud, discovered that students have been enrolled without any evidence that they met admissions criteria.

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    The general inspection questions the value of university degrees



    - La lettre de l'éducation

    According to the report of the general inspection of the administration of the national education and the research (IGAENR), the evaluation of the students at the university is not good. Actually, the fragmentation of the evaluations (due to the transition to the half yearly of the studies connected to the passage in the LMD) and the complexity of rules, return the illegible system for the students. It also entails disparities of treatment; thus universities develop their own rules of evaluation: the faculties with big workforce opt for the multiple choice question paper, faster and easy to organize. Besides, the cheating is another factor that undermine the credibility of the diplomas: according to the questioned students, between 25 and 50 % of the students resort to it.

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    Higher Education Corruption in Ukraine: opinions and estimates



    Ararat L. Osipian - International Higher Education

    The Head of the Department of Economic Crimes Prevention of the Ministry of the Interior said in July 2006 that there were 210 cases of bribery registered in higher education institutions in that year, of which 11 were in Kiev. He mentioned a departmental chair in Lugansk who demanded that students pay his bills from the electronics and construction stores and he accepted cash as well. The corrupt chair was arrested while receiving a bribe of $2000. In yet another case, deputy-director of the Kiev National University's college was arrested while receiving a bribe of $6000. The number of investigated cases appears to be the tip of the iceberg as corruption in education is believed to be widespread.

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