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  • Why is procurement important? (Factsheet)

    In the 1990s corruption was rampant in the Department of Education in the Philippines. The department was unable to deliver the most basic services to its 18 million public school students. Unqualified bidders were over-pricing their school text...

    OECD. Development Assistance Committee

    Paris, OECD, 2006

  • Report on the civil society participation in Textbook Count 3 Makati City

    For the third time, G-Watch of the Ateneo School of Government served as the national coordinator for the civil society participation in the Textbook Count: National Textbook Delivery Program. With support from the Partnership for Transparency Fund...

    Government Watch, Ateneo School of Government (Philippines)

    Makati (Philippines), ASoG, 2006

  • Newspaper

    Teachers demand payments from parents

    Sierra Leone

    Santigie Kamara - Freetown

    A large number of parents have expressed their dissatisfaction over the way teachers are demanding money for the release of end-of-year results to their children. Parents are now calling on the minister of education to do something towards the extra charges in primary and secondary schools in order to up hold the free education scheme for all.

  • Newspaper

    Bauchi poly expels 162 students over exam fraud, cultism


    - This Day

    The federal polytechnic has expelled 162 students for examination malpractice, cultism and poor academic performance, in the 2004-2005 session. The students were expelled for their involvement in examination misconduct during examinations.

  • Newspaper

    $1-Billion pledge for Indian university is smokescreen for business scam


    Shailaja Neelekantan - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    According to an opposition leader, the businessman Agarwal's pledge last week of $1-billion to set up Vedanta University, in the South Indian state of Orissa, is a gimmick to divert attention from his corrupt mining deal with the state's government. The $1-billion pledge, which if realized would be the largest gift ever made to a higher-education institution, is intended to create a multidisciplinary elite university for 100,000 students that would open in 2008.

  • Newspaper

    73 teachers sacked over qualifications


    Robert Mwanje - The Monitor

    MPIGI district has dismissed over 73 primary school head teachers over incompetence and lack of proper academic qualifications. About 50 schools were given new head teachers. Over 100 teachers were examined. The exercise was part of the district's primary schools re-organisation programme aimed at improving education standards.

  • Newspaper

    Mukono has 300 ghost teachers


    Joel Ogwang - New Vision

    Over 300 ghost teachers have been registered in universal primary education schools in the Mukono district. According to the Chairman of the district education committee, five schools in the remote areas were headed by one person. The high number of fake teachers has led to poor performance in schools because of very few teachers compared to the number on the payroll.

  • Newspaper

    Schools used as visa scam front'


    - BBC News

    Some language schools are being used to sell false papers, enabling immigrants to obtain student visas. Some are paying up to £600 for fake documents which they use in visa applications to extend their stay. More than half of 83 language colleges recently inspected could be shut down. Up to 50,000 students could be using such scams to stay illegally.

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