Utstein partners' anti-corruption strategies: comparative analysis

Auteur(s) : Hellan, Johan

Organisation : Utstein Anti-corruption Resource Centre, Chr. Michelsen Institute

Editeur : 2002

Pages :

13 p.

Notes :

U4 reports

This presentation of the Utstein anti-corruption policies is based on a study of available documentation, and seeks to present policies and strategies in a comparative framework. The presentation, however, does not review progress in terms of the contribution that the respective strategies have made to actually reduce corruption. The Utstein partnership, comprising of Norway, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, is specifically geared to development cooperation issues, and corruption is but one of several concerns in this context. One should note, however, that anti-corruption concerns and policies in all four countries extend far beyond the scope of the Utstein partnership and development cooperation as such. This policy field includes international organised crime, illegal drug trade, trafficking, smuggling, bribery in international business, money laundering and other unlawful financial transactions. The issues often overlap with development policy issues, but should be kept conceptually apart.

  • Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Cadre juridique, Corruption, Pots-de-vin, Déperdition financière, Aide au développement, Développement économique et social, Finances
  • Asie et Pacifique, Europe
    Allemagne, Pays-Bas , Nouvelle Zélande , Royaume Uni