Total transparency: ratings and indices in domestic education and science

Auteur(s) : Vokova, O.

Organisation : Higher School of Economics, HSE (Russian Federation)

Editeur : 2020

Pages :

P. 13-22

Collection : Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, N°31

The article analyzes the manifestations of transparency and accountability in the Russian academic environment over the past decade. It is shown that quantification and scientometrics have become the main tools for introducing the idea of ​​transparency, and specific manifestations of these practices are discussed. Two main directions for the development of transparency technologies in education have been identified: “how much to pay” and “what to pay for”. There is a lack of understanding of the ultimate goals of the reforms and the imitative nature of many of their manifestations.

  • Redevabilité, Gestion de l'éducation, Administration universitaire , Transparence, Higher education
  • Fédération de Russie