Teaching integrity to youth: examples from 11 countries

Auteur(s) : Transparency International

Organisation : Transparency International

Editeur : Berlin, Transparency International, 2004

Pages :

84 p.

Collection : Corruption fighters' tool kit. Special edition

This toolkit from Transparency International, published in December 2004, includes examples of youth education experiences from 11 countries. Education is central to preventing corruption, and thus young people, as the potential leaders of tomorrow, are a particularly important target group for ethics education. Teaching Integrity to Youth, a Special Edition of the Corruption Fighters' Toolkit, is exclusively dedicated to youth anti-corruption education. Written mostly by our chapters, it includes 11 examples of awareness raising and youth education from Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Georgia, Italy, Macau, Moldova, Uganda, the United States and Zambia. The projects contribute to fostering attitudes that do not tolerate corruption, and to building demand for accountability.

  • Responsabilité, Education contre la corruption, Corruption, Éthique, Intégrité, Organisations non gouvernementales, Jeunesse
  • Afrique, Amériques et Caraïbes, Asie et Pacifique, Europe
    Argentine, Brésil, Cambodge, Colombie, Géorgie, Italie, Macao, Chine, Moldova R, Ouganda, Etats-Unis, Zambie