Regulating private tutoring for public good: policy options for supplementary education in Asia

Auteur(s) : Bray, Mark; Kwo, Ora

Organisation : University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong China). Comparative Education Research Centre, UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific

Editeur : Hong Kong, CERC, 2014

Pages :

105 p.

Collection : CERC monograph series in comparative and international education and development, No 10

Notes :

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Recent years have brought global expansion of private supplementary tutoring alongside regular school systems. This expansion has far-reaching implications for the nurturing of new generations, for social and economic development, and for the operation of school systems. Some dimensions are positive while other dimensions are problematic. Supplementary tutoring is especially visible in Asia. The formats of tutoring range from one-to-one provision to large classes. Some tutoring is provided by teachers and by specialist companies, while other tutoring is provided informally by university students and others. Using a comparative lens, this book examines possible government responses to the expansion of private supplementary tutoring. In general, the book suggests, the sector should be given more attention. The work shows wide diversity in the regulations introduced by governments in the Asian region. It notes not only that these governments can learn much from each other, but also that policy makers in other parts of the world can usefully look at patterns in Asia. The book also stresses the value of partnerships between governments, tutoring providers, schools, teachers' unions, and other bodies.

  • Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Cadre juridique, Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Administration centrale, Administration scolaire, Soutien scolaire privé , Elèves/étudiants , Enseignants, Syndicats enseignants, Private education
  • Asie et Pacifique