The Global corruption report 2005

Auteur(s) : Transparency International

Organisation : Transparency International

Editeur : Berlin, TI, 2005

Pages :

325 p.

Notes :

Incl. annexes, bibliographical references, tables, figures

The 2005 Global Corruption Report focuses on corruption in construction and post-conflict reconstruction. It includes expert reports on: post-conflict reconstruction, with a detailed analysis of corruption in Iraq; the mechanisms of corruption in construction projects, from infrastructure development in Lesotho to public services in Germany; the economic cost of corruption in infrastructure; the environmental risks of corruption in construction; corruption on the fault line: earthquake destruction in Italy, Turkey and worldwide; and, the role of multilateral development banks and export credit agencies in financing corruption. It also includes: a detailed assessments of the state of corruption in 40 countries; details of Transparency International's Minimum Standards for Public Contracting and their Integrity Pact; the Business Principles for Countering Bribery in Construction; as well as the latest corruption related research, including studies on the links between corruption and other global issues, such as pollution, gender and foreign investment.

  • Responsabilité, Construction et équipement scolaires/universitaires, Secteur des entreprises, Corruption, Pots-de-vin, Aide au développement, Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Administration centrale, Finances, Genre, Gouvernance, Intégrité, Conventions internationales, Organisations non gouvernementales, Secteur public, Transparence
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