Corruption prevention toolkit on kindergartens' operations

Organisation : Independent Commission Against Corruption

Editeur : Independent Commission Against Corruption, 2020

Kindergarten plays a key role in early childhood education and hence the public has a high expectation on both its quality of education and governance. Following the launch of the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2017-18 school year, the Government has been providing kindergartens with recurrent financial subsidies to support their daily operations. With the injection of substantial amount of public money, there is an increasing need for teachers and management staff as well as the management and operations of kindergartens to meet public expectation for integrity. Therefore, it is vital for kindergartens to establish a sound integrity management system, adequate operational procedures and effective internal controls to avert abuse and corrupt practices.

This Corruption Prevention Toolkit on Kindergartens’ Operations (“Toolkit”) aims at providing kindergartens with a user-friendly guide, supplemented with scenario analysis and a library of sample documents, to help kindergartens enhance good governance, develop or enhance their integrity management and internal control systems for their key operations including procurement, management of maintenance and improvement works, student admission and staff administration. Kindergartens are advised to adopt and adapt the recommended measures to suit their respective resource capability, organisational structure, and operational needs.


  • Codes de conduite, Corruption, Gestion de l'éducation, Administration scolaire, Qualité de l'éducation, Parents, Associations parents enseignants, Marchés publics, Elèves/étudiants , Enseignants, Early childhood education / Pre-school education
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