Corruption and public spending on education and health

Auteur(s) : Swaleheen, Mushfiq; Sami, Mohamed; Temimi, Akram

Editeur : 2019

Pages :

p. 321-325

Collection : Applied Economics Letters, 26:4

Existing country and regional studies show that the effect of corruption on public spending on health and education is mixed. This letter reveals that the effect of corruption on health and education spending is significant and non-linear in a panel of 134 countries observed over two decades: For an overwhelming majority of countries, corruption has a positive effect on the share of public resources spent on public health and a negative effect in the case of education. The results presented are robust to several econometric challenges ignored in the literature.


  • Corruption, Gestion de l'éducation, Finances, Utilisation des fonds , Santé
  • International