Comparative analysis of national testing centres in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and recommendations for Tajikistan: final report

Auteur(s) : Gabrscek, Sergij

Organisation : Network of Education Policy Centers

Editeur : Zagreb, Network of Education Policy Centers, 2010

Pages :

69 p.

This is the draft final report of the comparative analysis of National Testing Centres in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, with the recommendations for Tajikistan. The analysis was prepared with the participation of four country experts who collected data and wrote the country review for the country NTC case. This final report is based on the case studies, one for each of the participating countries. They were prepared on the basis of the framework matrix, which allowed the experts to provide all information necessary for this comparative study, but also to prepare a document that gives a deeper insight in specifics of each of the country and each of the National Testing Centres. Beside communalities there are also differences, as each of the centres developed, from the starting optimism of a well designed system to the more mature organization that had to take into account the realities of the system they are working in.

  • Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Cadre juridique, Gestion de l'éducation, Examens et diplômes, Finances
  • Asie et Pacifique, Europe
    Azerbaïdjan, Géorgie, Kirghizistan, Tadjikistan , Ukraine