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    University staff union protests dismissal of whistleblower


    Nation Media Group - University World News

    The Kenya Universities Staff Union (KUSU) protested the dismissal of Maasai Mara University chief finance officer, who was among the staff who blew the whistle on the misappropriation of KES190 million (US$1.8 million). KUSU also called for the dissolution of the entire Maasai Mara University Council by the Ministry of Education and the removal of the acting vice-chancellor for covering up the case.

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    French baccalaureate in Algeria: prison for cheaters and internet cut off


    - France Info

    According to a press release from the Ministry of Justice, 84 individuals have been charged with fraud in the baccalaureate, 40 of whom have been placed under a detention order and 13 under judicial supervision. They are accused of disseminating exam subjects and examples of their marking and correction through social networks.

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    Minister stripped of PhD title acquired through ‘deceit’


    Michael Gardener - University World News

    The thesis of the former German minister for family affairs was found to contain nearly 70 passages violating good academic practice. The Free University of Berlin required the minister to return the PhD certificate within one month after notification of the withdrawal of the degree, acquired through “deceit regarding independent academic achievement”.

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    Concerns over false claims of links to German universities

    Germany, Korea DPR

    Deutsche Welle - University World News

    On the English version of its website, Kim Il Sung University has listed past, current and alleged partnerships with “sister universities” and claims, “international academic exchanges are in full swing”. Many of the named universities disagree and do not want to be associated with North Korea. They try to have their names removed from the website, but so far the University has failed to respond to their requests.

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    VCs risk 20 years’ imprisonment over unapproved courses


    Graphic Online - University World News

    Following the implementation of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020 (Act 1023) any new Higher Education institution in Ghana that advertises or runs a programme for which it has no accreditation, penalties will include paying a fine of GHS240,000 (US$41,400). Alternatively, the vice-chancellor or rector of the institution concerned will be imprisoned for up to 20 years, but both penalties can be applied.

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    Academic cheating skyrockets during pandemic: UCalgary researcher


    Jason Herring - Calgary Herald

    According to an associate professor at the University of Calgary, the rate of academic misconduct during the pandemic rose from 38% to over 200%. Students who use the services of companies to write essays or complete assignments for them are often extorted. Companies continue to charge their credit cards, threatening to report them to their schools if they try to seek help.

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    Nowhere to hide for ghost teachers


    Reginah Kinogu, Stanley Kimuge and Brian Ojamaa - All Africa

    The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has launched a new biometric enrolment and validation of teachers system intended to address staff shortages and prevent the use of fake degrees. Pre-loaded data from the TSC payroll system will be validated when the teachers provide physical documents such as an enrolment certificate, national identity card, letter of first and last appointment together with their academic and professional certificates. This pilot registration took off in 143 schools in seven counties.

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    Misappropriation at 10 universities uncovered

    Korea R

    Korean Broadcasting System - University World News

    The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission’s investigation reveals that 10 national universities in South Korea allegedly misappropriated KRW9.4 billion of students’ tuition fees. The funds were intended to cover student guidance programmes and safety activities carried out by professors and staff during lunch hours, after work or on weekends. Employees at one of the national universities overstated the number of such activities by changing locations and clothes earning KRW1.2 billion.

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    University president resigns after plagiarizing part of speech


    CNN - University World News

    The University of South Carolina has accepted the resignation of its president after he admitted plagiarizing part of a speech by the former head of the US Special Operations Command during a weekend commencement speech. In his letter, the president took full responsibility for the oversight of citing the text transcribed in the speech.

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    Cheating investigation embroils Geisel in controversy


    Elisabeth Janowski - The Dartmouth

    17 medical students at the Geisel School of Medicine were accused of cheating during online exams. The school found evidence of the students who logged into the online course platform Canvas, giving them access to the answers. After an investigation, seven of the cases were dismissed, while the other ten students were expelled, suspended, or giving a failing grade for the course. Some also received unprofessional conduct marks on their records.

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