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    Delhi University's college of vocational studies under scrutiny for financial discrepancies


    - India Today

    An audit has been launched last November to investigate alleged corruption in all accounts at Delhi University’s college. 180 books purchased for a lakh never reached the college. The principal misused his position and engaged in various irregularities, including UGC examinations.

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    University banned from recruiting students in wake of scam

    Uganda, Taiwan China

    Taiwan News - University World News

    Chung Chou University of Science and Technology (CCUT) has been forcing students from Uganda to work in factories for long hours to pay off debts they incurred since they did not receive the promised scholarships. The university had been under observation for quality issues since 2015 so this new element persuaded the advisory commission on private schools to ask the Ministry of Education for tougher sanctions against CCUT which is no longer allowed to recruit any new students, whether foreign or domestic.

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    Faculty group calls for fast-tracking of credential audits


    Front Page Africa - University World News

    According to the Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court, Liberia's education system is overrun by a multitude of "fake graduates" who often pose as academics. Diploma audits are underway at the University of Liberia Faculty Association after two academics have been accused of having fake degrees.

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    Corruption rocks schools’ online enrolment platform


    Tendai Makaripe - Zimbabwe Independent

    The eMap government’s academic enrolment platform has been plagued by corruption. A survey revealed school officials charging between US$100 to US$250 for a Form 1 boarding place. After receiving payment, the school official responsible for selecting pupils on the platform would have access to the student’s eMap details for easy recognition following the announcement of results.

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    Ministers warn against illegal private universities

    Cameroon, Sao Tome and Principe

    Nestor Njodzefe - University World News

    Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education revealed that the private American University in Central Africa, recruiting students for its programmes is a clandestine university. In 2020, the Minister ordered the African Regional Training Centre for Labour Administration, the Pan African Institute for Development and the Bamenda University Institute of Science and Technology to desist from awarding Bachelor’s degrees and suspend all Master's and Doctorate programmes for non-compliance with the conditions of the accreditation granted to them.

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    Higher education department raises awareness around bogus colleges

    South Africa

    Saya Pierce-Jones - Eyewitness News

    In 2018 the Higher Education, Science and Innovation Department had successfully prosecuted 40 fake institutes. However, by the end of 2021, the number of institutions offering fake bachelor’s and doctoral degrees has increased. During an awareness campaign on bogus colleges, officials will address the dissemination of information related to these higher education organisations.

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    The ministry of education warns schools against unlawful moves


    - All Africa

    The Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that the supplementary fees for security guards at schools are entirely voluntary. However, schools preventing children from attending class because their parents have not made such payments will be punished by the Law. The MoE also reported corruptions scandals in the Southern province of Inhambane, such as the sale of fake certificates or the rigging of examination marks for the Teachers Training Centre admission charged 780 US dollars.

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    Universities struggle to prevent cheating in online exams

    Viet Nam

    VietNamNet - University World News

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made teaching and organizing online examinations a difficult task in Vietnamese universities. Examiners had to introduce various methods to deal with the increase in cheating. Students are required to attend an examination on the university's systems with supervision via Zoom and have their papers recognized if they are physically present throughout the examination. If cheating is discovered, teachers have the right to suspend students.

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    Footballer’s impersonation: Verification tools needed


    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    To identify students accurately and easily detect any potential impersonator, an expert from Cairo’s National Research Centre called on African universities to introduce biometric systems based on fingerprints and to install scanning systems at entrance gates, examination halls and lecture rooms. An Egyptian soccer player has been recently impersonated during the mid-year exam at a private higher education institution in Shabraman.

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    Row over honorary doctorates awarded to politicians


    Kafil Yamin - University World News

    Instead of following the national regulations for granting honorary academic titles, the State University of Jakarta decided to pass its own rules. While politicians want academic titles to boost their public image and reputation, they are concerned about their careers rather than the university itself. “Usually, after the title-granting ceremony, funds or projects come in from the grantee’s office,” said a senior lecturer.

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