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    Senior Eastern Cape education officials arrested for fraud

    South Africa

    Sihle Mlambo - IOL

    Four former senior officials from the Eastern Cape Department of Education and a company director have been arrested on corruption charges involving the purchase of textbooks for students. The senior education official bypassed the department's supply chain process by obtaining a Supplementary Resource Material (SRM) agreement that was not required. Reports allege that the official received a bribe in the form of two laptops and a mobile phone from the company that received the R59 million for the SRM material.

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    Seoul education superintendent probed by anti-corruption agency

    Korea R

    Shin Ji-hye - The Korea Herald

    The Corruption Investigation Office for High-ranking Officials is investigating Seoul’s education superintendent for abusing his authority following the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea complaint against him. The official undermined transparency and fairness by ordering certain departments to advance the employment of five teachers who were dismissed between July and August in 2018. They had previously worked in his election camp in 2008.

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    Universities should establish anti-money-laundering practices

    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    Reports show that criminals exploit cash payments made by West African students to pay tuition and other service fees at United Kingdom universities. Private universities and cross-border foreign campuses in Africa are used as an investment and to integrate the proceeds of crime into the legitimate economy. When more than the tuition fee is paid, they request the university to refund the overpayment to a third party’s account such as the bank account of a drug supplier or a bribed official.

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    Private university academics dismissed for plagiarism

    Viet Nam

    VN Express - University World News

    Two Ho Chi Min City university academics have lost their positions after they were found plagiarising content from an international peer-reviewed journal. They confessed that for one of their published articles, they had translated 80% of the original article without getting the author’s permission or citing his work as the source.

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    University re-administers nursing exam after 'widespread cheating' found


    Chris Nakamoto - WBRZ

    Due to a glitch in the online testing program, 31 students out of a class of 137 were involved in a cheating incident at Southern University's School of Nursing. The students used their cell phones and notified other students through a group text message that the cameras were off so that they could cheat. With the exam being compromised, the faculty administered a different exam that covered the same content.

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    Berkeley study: major university rankings may be biased

    Brendan O’Malley - University World News

    A study from the University of California reveals rankings may be distorted by the business activities of the ranker, including selling consulting, analytics and other services to universities. Findings show that Russian universities using services provided by QS, a major ranking company, have increased their positions in the QS World University Rankings regardless of improvements in the quality of their institutions.

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    Do donors have too much influence over universities?


    Nathan M Greenfield - University World News

    The position of Director of the International Human Rights Programme at the University of Toronto was offered to an "academically unworthy" individual after US$8 million was donated to the university's medical schools. A US banking company, which reportedly made large donations through its foundation to at least 60 universities, demanded to teach a course from a particular political perspective. As a result, colleges and universities in North America are developing written policies to prevent undue influence from donors.

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    Remote cheating leads to ‘corona degrees’ in Greece


    Sakis Mitrolidis/AFP - Study International

    Examination standards are virtually impossible to reinforce in a distance-learning environment where hundreds of students are simultaneously online. The Dean of the University of Crete’s literature department reports that it is easy for students to Google exam answers even under the eye of supervisors on camera. A 20- year-old student said that one of her friends gave 100 euros to a teacher to sit for her math exam. Similarly, a 20-year-old psychology student took exams on behalf of 2 of her friends and nobody realized.

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    Government suspends fraudulent Kwekwe High School teacher


    Michael Magoronga - Chronicle

    Two Kwekwe High School teachers have been suspended after they allegedly asked parents for money to secure Form One places for their children. The matter only became public on the school's opening day, when the school authorities discovered that there was an extra class of 30 students, prompting the headmaster to launch an investigation.

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    How rogue officials inflated enrolment


    David Muchunguh - All Africa

    A recent report from Public Accounts Committee reveals the theft of billions of taxpayers' money pocketed by corrupt officials and school heads. The Mundeku Secondary School is one of the 4 ghost schools in the Ministry records with 1,188 students used by an official to steal Sh27,329,598.95 from public funds. The report found another officer inflating enrolment data for 185 schools, resulting in the overpayment of Sh269, 254,288. The cases have been submitted to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for investigation.

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