Education sector public expenditure tracking and service delivery survey in Zambia

Author(s) : World Bank

Organization : World Bank, UK. Dept for International Development, Republic of Zambia

Imprint : Washington, World Bank, 2015

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99 p.

Series : Public Expenditure Review

Notes :


Through an analysis of data collected from the PETS-QSDS, this report aims to answer the following policy questions: (a) Does MESVTEE efficiently and effectively allocate its public funding to the areas most in need? and (b) What factors potentially keep student learning outcomes low?

  • Capacity building, Construction and equipment of schools / universities, Corruption, Absenteeism, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), Quantitative service delivery surveys (QSDS), Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Local government, Finance, Allocation of funds, Budgets, Procurement, School time, Students, Teachers, Teacher behaviour, Teacher qualifications, Teacher training, Textbooks / didactic materials, Primary education, Secondary education
  • Africa