Strategic appraoches to corruption prevention: a practioner's perspective based on the experience of the Republic of Korea and UNDP missions

Author(s) : Kim, Euywhan

Organization : UNDP

Imprint : UNDP, 2020

Series : Practioner's Note No. 1

Anti-Corruption education programs must operate more strategically in terms of content, method and utilization:

- Anti-Corruption education should be mandatory to help the public officials to grasp the importance and necessity of corruption prevention. 

- Integrity educaiton should be considered a prerequisite for promotions and evaluation of employees. 

- Training new employees on the important of integrity and the causes of corruption will shape the future of their organization.

  • Accountability, Anti-Corruption Education, Anti-corruption strategies, Corruption, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Corruption risk-assessment, Integrity
  • Asia and the Pacific
    Korea R