Open Contracting: the school meals programme in Bogotá, Colombia

Author(s) : Duque Botero, Juan David

Organization : Duque Botero Consultores , UNESCO-IIEP

Imprint : Bogota, Duque Botero Consultores, 2021

Collation :

p. 56

Series : Ethics and corruption in education

This case study presents the open contracting initiative carried out by the Secretariat of Education of the Municipality of Bogota, as part of the School Feeding Program. It examines how all documents of the procurement process required for the acquisition and distribution of food are published and made available through an on‑ line public platform, which is visible to all participants in the public procurement system (suppliers, parents, control entities, citizens in general, state entities, among others). This study is part of a series of case studies commissioned by the IIEP, under its open government in education research, and as part of its global capacity-building programme on Ethics and Corruption in Education.

  • Accountability, Open Government, Public sector, School meals, Transparency
  • Americas and the Caribbean