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  • Open government in education: a conceptual framework

    As part of its research project on ‘Open government (OG) in education: Learning from experience’, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) has prepared five thematic briefs illustrating various forms of OG as applied to the...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, IIEP-UNESCO, 2021

  • Open budget: learning from the open school platform in Donetsk oblast, Ukraine

    This case study analyses how an open government approach is being applied in Ukraine to resolve the critical issue of non-transparent school financing that has undermined trust among key stakeholders in educational planning. It focuses on the Open...

    Huss, Oksana , Keudel, Oleksandra

    Bologna, Bononia University Press, 2021

  • Corruption in higher education: global challenges and responses

    The lack of academic integrity combined with the prevalence of fraud and other forms of unethical behavior are problems that higher education faces in both developing and developed countries, at mass and elite universities, and at public and private...

    Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Brill, Sense, 2020

  • Cheating and plagiarism in higher education

    Corruption, fraud and other forms of unethical behaviour are problems that higher education faces in both developing and developed countries, at mass as well as elite universities. While academic misconduct is not new per se, its unprecedented...


  • How corruption destroys higher education in Ukraine

    This paper addresses the issue of corruption in higher education in Ukraine and its negative impact on universities. This paper discusses factors of external pressure on the higher education sector, which may be found in such areas as changes in...

    Osipian, Ararat L.

    Bucharest, NEC Publishing, 2018

  • OECD Reviews of integrity in education: Ukraine 2017

    Education in Ukraine is marked by integrity violations from early childhood education and care through postgraduate study. In the past decade policy makers and civic organisations have made progress in addressing these challenges. However, much...



  • Ukraine: endemic higher education corruption

    Based on a survey conducted among 600 students at selected public universities in Lviv, one of the largest Ukrainian cities, this contribution explores the determinants of several forms of student academic dishonesty and provides insights as to which...

    Denisova-Schmidt, Elena; Prytula, Yaroslav

    Boston, Center for International Higher Education, CIHE, 2017

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