Transparency, ethics, and corruption issues in Mongolia’s education Sector

Organization : The Asia Foundation

Imprint : The Asia Foundation, 2017

This study of corruption and ethical misconduct in the education sector was conducted in Ulaanbaatar and four aimags: the regional centers Dornod, Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, and Khovd. A total of 1,240 respondents included 1,120 parents, representing the recipients of education services, and 120 teachers, lecturers, and education sector experts. Parents were selected using multistage stratified sampling, with the key criterion that they have a child studying in an educational institution of any level. The survey team then analyzed the quantitative and qualitative data surveys and indicator scoring to assess respondents’ perceptions and understanding of ethics, transparency, and corruption in the education sector. A summary of the study findings in three main areas — provision of education services, internal operations, and procurement — shows the following results.

  • Corruption, Bribery, Conflict of interest, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Ethics, Transparency
  • Asia and the Pacific