Transparency in education in Eastern Europe

Author(s) : Arūnas Plikšnys, Sylvia Kopnicka, Liliya Hrynevych, Constantine Palicarsk


Notes : 2009 | 99p.

In the former communist countries, education could become the key element for combating corrupt behaviour and promoting integrity and ethics. Possible strategies include establishing clear and transparent systems of budgeting, auditing, examination and developing courses that raise awareness on corrupt practices and create a common understanding of what the values of the society are. Some of the best practices are described in this book:
  • the development of the ‘student basket’ and the reform of the system of teacher remuneration in Lithuania;
  • the university audit system in Slovakia;
  • the reform of the secondary school graduation exams in Ukraine;
  • the methodology of ethics training and anti-corruption education in Bulgaria. 

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  • Series :
    Ethics and corruption in education
  • Document language : English