Transparencia en educación: Maestros en Colombia, Alimentación escolar en Chile

Author(s) : Margarita Peña, Jeanette S. Rodriguez, Carmen Luz, Paula Arenda


Notes : 2005 | 157p.

Transparency in education: Teachers in Colombia, School meals in Chile

This book includes studies on two experiences where transparency and accountability resulted in an extraordinary improvement in the use of education resources:

  • The first looks at personnel management at the Education Secretariat in the city of Colombia: Thanks to a transparent system for development and data usage, it was possible to achieve three goals: payroll purge, regulation of transfer processes, and reorganization of personnel, with an improvement in cost/efficiency of almost 50% in just a few years.
  • The second looks at the management school nutrition in Chile: To simultaneously achieve a number of objectives  – greater equality, greater demand responsiveness, more transparency and bidding control – Chile has introduced a service management system supported by a data treatment model.

ISBN: 92-803-3270-8

  • Series :
    Ethics and corruption in education
  • Document language : Spanish