Teaching comparative education: trends and issues informing practice

Author(s) : Kubow, Patricia K.; Blosser, Allisson H.

Imprint : Oxford, Symposium Books, 2016

Collation :

212 p.

With chapter contributions from seminal scholars in the field of comparative and international education (CIE), this book examines the ways in which comparative education is being taught, or advocated for, in teacher education within higher education institutions worldwide. A particular concern raised by the authors - in locations as diverse as Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States - is the utilitarian approach in teacher education, where that which is valued is that which is measurable. The implications for what and how CIE should be taught is examined in light of the ideological, sociocultural, political, and economic trends influencing education worldwide. The main questions posed in the book include: What are the challenges and opportunities for CIE, and its practice, now and in the future?

  • Economic and social development, Teachers, Teacher training, Textbooks / didactic materials
  • Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Europe
    Germany, Singapore, UK, USA