Teacher's absenteeism in primary schools in Cameroon

Author(s) : Ngwé, Gabriel

Organization : Transparency International (Cameroon)

Imprint : Yaounde, Transparency International, 2013

Collation : p. 74-77

The article focuses on the absenteeism of teachers in primary schools in Cameroon. It cites the study by Transparency International (TI) Cameroon which selected a sample of 30 government primary schools from the Centre Region. It states that the absenteeism of teachers is due to salaries, lack of nurseries and small pharmacies, and lack of housing. It presents the recommendations to reduce teachers' absenteeism which include to scale up teachers' salaries.



  • Corruption, Absenteeism, Economic and social development, Health, Non-governemental organizations, Teachers, Teacher wages, Primary education
  • Africa