Strengthening the rule of law through education: a guide for policymakers

Organization : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, UNESCO

Imprint : Paris, Vienna, UNESCO, UNODC, 2019

Collation :

64 p.

To promote and protect the safety, dignity and human rights of all people, many governments are strengthening efforts to uphold the principle of the rule of law in the daily lives of their citizens. This guide is intended for education policymakers and other professionals working in the formal education sector, within and outside Ministries of Education, and who are seeking to promote the rule of law and a culture of lawfulness. This guide may also be of interest to professionals working in non-formal education settings or other sectors – namely the justice, social and health sectors - in the area of crime and violence prevention, who are seeking to work more closely with the education sector. To address the needs of this diverse mix of education stakeholders and professionals, this guide blends both theory and practice, and draws on examples from around the world.

  • Anti-Corruption Education, Community participation, Judiciary, Legal framework, Economic and social development, Educational management
  • International