Sound the alarm! Corruption in the education sector

Author(s) : Ncala, Melusi

Organization : Corruption Watch (South Africa)

Imprint : Corruption Watch, 2022

A new report by Corruption Watch reveals the persistent graft and corruption in certain areas of the education sector in South Africa, despite the numerous policies and legislation intended to provide unimpeded access to decent education.

Titled Sound the Alarm, the report highlights 3 667 reports of education-related corruption received between 2012 and 2021, representing 10% of the total reports received over that period. These point to widespread misappropriation of resources, acts of bribery, sextortion, abuse of authority, and blatant flouting of employment and procurement processes.

  • Corruption, Abuse, Bribery, Fund leakage, Procurement
  • Africa
    South Africa