Social problems of modern Russian higher education: the example of corruption

Author(s) : Fursova, Valentina; Simons, Greg

Organization : Canadian Center of Science and Education

Imprint : 2014

Collation : P. 25-31

Series : International Education Studies; Vol. 7, No. 10

Higher education is an essential element in developing a country’s innovative potential, and this has been recognised as such by politicians and those who work in the industry. However, one of the blights of contemporary Russian society, corruption threatens the potential of the next generation. Corruption has permeated all levels of society, including the education sector. It is having a profound effect and is replicating the physical and psychological conditions. This article details the scale and nature of corruption in higher education in Russia, and offers some insight into the various proposals that seek to change the situation for the better.

  • Corruption, Abuse, Bribery, Fraud, Ethics, University staff, University staff behaviour, Higher education
  • Russian Federation