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  • Guidelines for the design and effective use of teacher codes of conduct

    These guidelines have been prepared to help countries successfully design a teacher code of conduct (or review an existing one) and put in place the appropriate mechanisms to ensure its proper dissemination, application, and monitoring at all levels...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, UNESCO, 2019

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    Foreign students blamed for steep rise in student fraud



    Jan Petter Myklebust - University World News

    There has been a tenfold increase in the number of students using a false alternative address while living at home to claim for a higher rate of living costs, according to figures released by the ministry of higher education and science, and more than three-quarters of those caught cheating were international students. In 2015 only six students were identified as having cheated with regard to the address provided; and for the first 10 months of 2017 the number was 66. Of these, 50 were either immigrants or children of immigrants, while 16 were Danish citizens, the ministry indicated.

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    QA bodies note progress in fighting academic corruption


    Mary Beth Marklein - University World News

    Early research findings on academic corruption suggest that accreditation and quality assurance bodies in some countries are having success in handling the problem, but questions about how to deal with the unwieldy issue remain a work in progress. And while the topic is complex and multifaceted, research on student attitudes towards cheating offers some insights into how an emphasis on integrity might reverse the problem, which has long been the scourge of the higher education accreditation profession.

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    Pan-India fake degree racket busted, accused sold 50,000 certificates of universities, schools



    - Outlook

    Three men, including a Delhi University graduate, were arrested for allegedly running a pan-India fake degree racket under which they sold about 50,000 forged certificates of universities and school boards, police said today. The accused, during interrogation, revealed that they had sold at least 50,000 fake degrees and marksheets of various universities and school boards. In order to convince their clients, they had also set up fake websites of the universities and school boards on which the victims verified the authenticity of these documents. The websites were so convincing that victims could not tell the difference between genuine and fake, the senior police official said.

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    Universities take steps to curb academic dishonesty



    Laeed Zaghlami - University World News

    The excitement that marks the beginning of the academic year in the Algerian higher education sector, belies a crisis of credibility in the wake of several recent incidents of cheating. Last October, teachers in the faculty of economics at the University of Algiers disclosed the names of students accused of cheating in a doctoral entrance examination, but thus far no action against the students has been reported in the media. In a city east of Algeria two masters examinations were cancelled in October after model answers were leaked, while in the west, four doctoral projects in the faculty of arts and literature were nullified following complaints of academic dishonesty.

  • Cover of Education for Integrity: Teaching on Anti-Corruption, Values and the Rule of Law

    Education for integrity: our youth, our future

    Carissa Munro


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