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  • IIEP Policy Forum on open government to accelerate accountability in education


    Open government initiatives have proliferated in recent years, offering new ways to make decision-making more transparent and inclusive within society at large. IIEP-UNESCO’s upcoming Policy Forum on open government in education will provide an important platform for discussion on how to design and implement open government initiatives that can help ensure equitable and quality inclusive education for all.

  • How citizens can engage in educational planning and policy


    "Education is perhaps the place where citizens and government have some of their closest interactions. This is the place where good governance comes alive and where trust is built or lost". -Paul Maassen, Chief, Country Support, Open Government Partnership (OGP), keynote speaker for IIEP’s Policy Forum

  • 16-18 November: Policy Forum on open government in education


    From 16-18 November 2021, decision-makers, researchers, civil society representatives, and development partners can join a virtual Policy Forum on open government in education. By bringing new research to the forefront, the Policy Forum – in English, French, and Spanish – will help policy-makers and programme implementers improve education service delivery and reduce corruption in education.

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    We should be focusing on absenteeism among teachers, not just students


    Michael Hansend & Diane Quintero - Brookings

    Data from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights shows that 29 per cent of teachers were considered chronically absent, missing more than 10 days of school in 2015-2016. This is near twice the 15 per cent of students who are chronically absent. As a result, a number of school districts included teacher and student absence measures in their school accountability system.

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    Nursery boss accused of funding fraud tells jury she did not ask parent to lie


    Deborah Hardiman - Express & Starr

    A nursery director is accused of taking advantage of a government funding programme for early childhood and pre-school education, which allowed two to four-year-olds from disadvantaged families to benefit from free nursery time between January 2017 and December 2018. She denies submitting bogus claims for funding credit and asking parents to lie about their situations.

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    Maintain asset details of school teachers, Tamil Nadu government


    - The Times of India

    The Madras High Court had asked district educational officers to keep a separate record of the asset details of the teachers working in the state’s public school. All teachers could buy new properties and vehicles only after permission from the government. In addition, in order to ensure the teachers are on time, a biometric attendance system was introduced for all teaching and non-teaching staff.

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    High Court laments growing corruption among education officials


    Press Trust - Business Standard

    The Madras High Court stressed the need for vigilance and anti-corruption departments to investigate details on properties of teaching and non-teaching staff in government schools. Teachers were observed to be increasingly negligent and undisciplined; they are not attending school in time and leaving before school hours. They are also involved in ’’various other activities unconnected with their teaching profession even in the schools’’.

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    Fight against corruption ; the president of the Central Inspectorate announces ‘’ exceptional measures”


    - L’Orient Le Jour

    Lebanon ranks 143rd out of 180 countries in the world in 2017 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. The President of the Central Inspectorate states that the Ministry of Education has "reduced teachers' working hours" and is carrying out recruitments, "which are not necessary”. He announced unexpected visits to public administrations in 2019 as part of the fight against corruption in order to introduce a tool to monitor recruitment.

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    Schools calendar overhauled in new war against exam cheating


    Ouma Wanzala - Daily Nation

    The school calendar has been reorganised and far-reaching changes introduced in the administration of national examinations to curb cheating. The Education CS on Wednesday banned all social activities in the third term — including prayer days, visiting, half term breaks, sports, prize-giving ceremonies and annual general meetings — to cut contact between candidates and outsiders. He also shortened the period for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams from six weeks to four and put head teachers directly in charge of the tests in their respective schools.

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