Reclaiming education: rising above examination malpractices, and its contextual factors on study progress in Nigeria

Author(s) : Okolie, Ugochukwu Chinonso; Nwosu, Hyginus Emeka; Eneje, Beatrice Chinyere; Oluka, Beth N.

Imprint : 2019

Collation :

p. 44-56

Series : International Journal of Educational Development Volume 65

This study investigated the perceived impact of examination malpractices (EMs) and its contextual factors on the study progress in Nigeria. Drawing upon data collected through structured questionnaire administered to 795 participants comprising of 711 secondary and tertiary education students, two different focus group discussions with 7 secondary school students and 6 university students, and five different interviews with 71 participants (18 examination invigilators, 12 university lecturers, 20 parents/caregivers, 12 examination security agents, 9 secondary school teachers), it sought to investigate the major forms of EMs currently being practiced in the Nigerian education system, the major actors of the EMs and as well proffer practicable strategy to curb the prevalence of the EMs in the education system. Data collected were statistically and thematically analyzed to provide key answers to the research questions that guide the study. The findings of this study revealed that among other major actors of the EMs, the parents/caregivers were found to be the major actors who directly or indirectly fund EMs in the education system. Our study contributes to the improvement of the theory and practice of education in Nigeria to curb the high rate of EMs in the education system, as well as the education systems in other developing countries.


  • Academic fraud, Cheating, Plagiarism, Corruption, Bribery, Examinations and diplomas, Students, Student behaviour, Secondary education, Higher education
  • Africa