Professional ethics and law in education: a Canadian guidebook

Author(s) : Maxwell, Bruce; Gereluk, Dianne; Martin, Christopher

Imprint : Canadian Scholars, 2023

Collation :

268 p.

Designed as a guide for pre-service education students and in-service teachers, Professional Ethics and Law in Education: A Canadian Guidebook provides an accessible and accurate source of information on the ethical and legal frameworks of the teaching profession while encouraging the examination of fundamental issues that underpin key debates in Canadian schooling and education.
Divided into four sections, this guidebook is grounded in the idea that teacher professionalism requires a solid understanding of the ethical and legal expectations that society has of teachers. Written for both the student and the professional, this text is an essential companion to both aspiring and active teachers. It provides clear guidance on how to navigate the complex regulatory framework of contemporary teaching while highlighting the indispensable contribution that individual judgment and shared values make to thoughtful, informed, and well-reasoned decision making in teaching, making it necessary reading for educators in Canada.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Ethics, Teachers
  • Canada