Open Government Index (OGI) Report on education sector institutions in Ghana

Organization : Africa Education Watch

Imprint : Africa Education Watch, 2021

Collation : 14 p.

The 2021 OGI Report on Education Sector Institutions is an annual publication by Africa Education Watch, an Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organisation working with Civil Society Organizations, Governments, and the Private Sector to promote an equitable, accountable, and responsive education system that assures of quality and equal opportunities for all. The report is an initiative aimed at promoting accountability, transparency, and responsiveness of Education Sector Institutions through a periodic assessment of the existence and functioning of effective communication channels with the citizenry and stakeholders who are primary beneficiaries and partners within the education space. The concept of Open Governance is built among others, on the premise that citizens have rights of access to information and participation for education, accountability, and institutional development. This is realizable when governments put in place the laws, policies and functional systems to promote access to information, transparency, accountability and participation. The report appreciates considerable efforts by institutions to implement Open Governance Initiatives by establishing virtual public interfaces through websites, email and telephone access systems, and social media handles. It assesses the level of adoption of the culture of providing relevant and timely information on key performance reports, statistical data, policies, strategies, budgets etc within the mandate of sector agencies including the Ministry of Education, while making recommendations for strengthening Open Governance compliance for enhanced information access to education policy, regulatory and service delivery information to citizens and stakeholders, including civil society.

  • Access to information, Open data, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Educational management, Open Government, Transparency
  • Ghana