The Magnitude of corruption in Romanian public universities: preliminary results of a research based on national particularities

Author(s) : Petrescu, Cezara Cristina

Imprint : 2019

Series : Journal of e-Learning and Higher Education, 2019

Corruption is a global issue and also a challenge, which is affecting the perspective of developing and transition countries, like Romania. Generally speaking, the attempt to define the phenomenon of corruption is very difficult, due to its’ multiple approaches and variable forms. Corruption in higher education has a lot of particular aspects, and does not affect only the interpersonal teacher-student relation, but may also influence an entire generation of specialists and so, the future of an entire nation. In my study, I present some aspects concerning corruption in public Romanian universities, based on a research done by well-known authors in the field, between 2015 and 2017, who analyzed national particularities concerning this important subject.

  • Corruption, Bribery, Fraud, Educational management, University administration, Higher education
  • Europe