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  • Corruption in higher education: global challenges and responses

    The lack of academic integrity combined with the prevalence of fraud and other forms of unethical behavior are problems that higher education faces in both developing and developed countries, at mass and elite universities, and at public and private...

    Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Brill, Sense, 2020

  • Beyond honour codes: bringing students into the academic integrity equation

    Honour codes represent a successful and unique, student-led, 'bottomup' approach to the promotion of academic integrity (AI). With increased flexibility, globalisation and distance or blended education options, most institutions operate in very...

    Richards, Deborah; Saddiqui, Sonia; McGuigan, Nicholas; Homewood, Judi


  • Academic integrity: a review of the literature

    This article provides a literature review on academic integrity, which encompasses the values, behaviour and conduct of academics in all aspects of their practice. This is a growing area of academic research as a result of the expansion of higher...

    Macfarlane, Bruce; Zhang, JingJing Zhang; Pun, Annie


  • Current and future trends in higher education: summary

    This article looks at medium- and long-term changes in the higher education framework of industrialised Western Europe, including affective process, major developments and future trends.

    Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture

    Wien, Austria. Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, 2006

  • Challenging corruption in Asia: case studies and a framework for action

    Combating corruption is now high on the policy agenda across Asia. However, many policymakers are handicapped by the lack of useful analytical tools. Why do some policies and programs work in some countries, and fail in others? What accounts for...

    Bolongaita, Emil, Bhargava, Vinay K.

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2004

  • Corruption in higher education

    This paper analyzes various types of corruption in higher education as well as its reasons and consequences in a group of middle, and low-income countries, including societies in transition. It also introduces some preliminary ideas on how to prevent...

    Rumyantseva, Nataliya

    Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, 2002

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