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  • L'urgence de l'intégrité académique

    Contrer les pratiques malhonnêtes - dans l’enseignement supérieur comme dans la recherche - et renforcer l’intégrité académique est urgent. Car notre civilisation de la connaissance est menacée, tant par les nouveaux modèles de production du savoir...

    Bargadaà, Michelle , Peixoto, Paulo


  • Academic integrity: national principles and lexicon of common terms

    The purpose of these Principles and Lexicon is to provide support for institutions in developing their approach to academic integrity, and to enable the use of a common terminology when talking or writing about academic integrity in the context of...

    Dublin, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, QQI, 2021

  • Plagiarism: a global phenomenon

    Academic writing is specially a challenging task for ESL/EFL students as it entails an assortment of cognitive and linguistic processes which is beyond their capability. Consequently, to fulfill the writing requirement of academia, an unexperienced...

    Hafsa, Nur-E


  • Academic integrity guidelines

    The Network has produced these Guidelines to support the sector to collectively define and understand academic integrity; what it means within a higher education institution; what challenges it raises; and to implement a robust approach to preventing...

    Dublin, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, QQI, 2021

  • Code d’intégrité scientifique

    Depuis que les « Principes de base et procédures concernant l’intégrité dans la recherche scientifique » ont été publiés par les Académies suisses des sciences en 2008, le champ scientifique a connu des changements considérables. Un groupe d’experts...

    • Aebi-Müller Regina E. et col.

    Berne, Académies suisses des sciences, 2021

  • Integrity in education for future happiness

    This book is a collection of selected papers presented at the conference Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond in Dubai. The conference took place in April 2020, thus, right at the start of the first wave of the corona pandemic. The conference topic is...

    Khan, Zeenath Reza, Hill, Christopher, Foltýnek, Tomáš

    Brno, Mendel University in Brno, 2020

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