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  • Social auditing: an illustrative form of open government in education

    As part of its research project on ‘Open government (OG) in education: Learning from experience’, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) has prepared five thematic briefs illustrating various forms of OG as applied to the...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, IIEP-UNESCO, 2021

  • Open government in education: learning from social audits in India

    This case study analyses the first social audit of education carried out in India, under the aegis of the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). It was conducted as a pilot project across ten states of India, based on the...

    Bhatty, Kiran

    New Delhi, Centre for Policy Research (CPR), 2021

  • Corruption in higher education: global challenges and responses

    The lack of academic integrity combined with the prevalence of fraud and other forms of unethical behavior are problems that higher education faces in both developing and developed countries, at mass and elite universities, and at public and private...

    Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Brill, Sense, 2020

  • India: using open school data to improve transparency and accountability

    The number of countries providing access to school data to the general public has grown rapidly over the past decade, encouraged by the development of information technologies and under the pressure of social movements demanding the right to...

    Bordoloi, Mridusmita; Kapoor, Varun

    Paris, UNESCO-IIEP, 2018

  • Academic corruption: culture and trust in Indian higher education

    Singular acts of academic corruption, such as cheating on an exam, occur in all institutions in all countries.Until recently, however, academic corruption that is systemic has been under-studied and under-theorized. This article focuses exclusively...

    Tierney, William G.;Sabharwal, Nidhi S.


  • Analyzing the culture of corruption in Indian higher education

    Academic corruption is an area of research that is often difficult to study. This article aims to understand what systemic corruption is and how it is done in India. The authors find a broken culture which enable corrupt practices to occur throughout...

    Tierney, William G.; Sabharwal, Nidhi S.

    Chestnut Hill, MA, USA, Center for International Higher Education, 2016

  • Handbook of academic integrity

    The book brings together diverse views from around the world and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, beginning with different definitions of academic integrity through how to create the ethical academy. At the same time, the Handbook...

    Bretag, Tracey

    Singapore, Springer Singapore, 2016

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