Involving the public in curbing corruption: the use of surveys to empower citizens to monitor state performance

Author(s) : Langseth, Petter

Organization : United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention

Imprint : Vienna, UNODCCP, 1999

Collation :

20 p.

Series : Global Programme Against Corruption, Conferences

This paper focuses on the use of survey instruments, in particular, Service Delivery Surveys (SDS) as an important monitoring mechanism of state performance. The SDS aims at increasing both the accountability and result orientation of the civil service as well as providing the information necessary to implement reform. It can also be used as a tool to promote greater participation among service users in the service delivery process.

  • Accountability, Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Monitoring / control, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Quantitative service delivery surveys (QSDS), Governance
  • International