Information transparency in education: governmental policy efficiency issues

Author(s) : Mertsalova, Tatyana

Imprint : 2014

Collation : P. 40–75

Series : Voprosy obrazovaniya / Educational Studies. Moscow, 2015, No 2

The author is raising a question, whether it is possible to judge the efficiency of information supply based on numbers reflecting the extent of filling information resources with content, and whether it is possible to complete the development work in that area having reached peak values. The system of informational openness of Russian education unlike business area shall be considered three-sided rather than two-sided with the third and the most active side being the government. The situation with informational openness in Russian education can be described as an extensive development of information resources being performed mostly under the influence of governmental regulatory control. Having said that, the development efficiency study even as a part of a task set by the government gives reasons for considering it as the one not being sufficiently efficient.

  • Access to information, Transparency, Higher education
  • Russian Federation