Guidelines for fighting bid rigging in public procurement: helping governments to obtain best value for money

Author(s) : OECD

Organization : OECD

Imprint : Paris, OECD, 2009

Collation :

18 p.

The OECD Competition Committee has developed a specific methodology to help governments improve public procurement by fighting bid rigging. Drawing on the experience of more than 30 jurisdictions, the OECD Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement assist procurement officials to, first, reduce the risks of bid rigging through careful design of the procurement process and, second, to detect bid rigging conspiracies during the procurement process. The Guidelines include two checklists: a Checklist for Detecting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement and a Checklist for Designing the Public Procurement Process to Reduce the Risks of Bid Rigging. In addition to the Guidelines, the OECD Competition Divison has prepared two brochures to facilitate the use and dissemination of the Guidelines: "Designing tenders to reduce bid rigging"; "Detecting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement".

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Corruption, Educational management, Central administration, Finance, Governance, Procurement
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