Functional analysis (management audits) of the organization of ministries of education

Author(s) : Sack, Richard; Saïdi, Mahieddine

Organization : UNESCO-IIEP

Imprint : Paris, UNESCO, 1997

Collation : 107 p.

Series : Fundamentals of educational planning, 054

Notes : Incl. app., bibl.

This booklet introduces the reader to the tools of functional analysis - management audit - applicable to the organisational specificies of national education ministries. The audit is a critical analysis, aimed at identifying what works, and what does not, and why, on the basis of a thorough and systematic examination of the mandates and attributions of the education ministry and its component parts. The booklet analyses the relationships between the ministry's structures, functions and tasks; the organisation and use of information in the ministry; the ministry's reward structures in relation to its staffing patterns; and the role of procedures, rules and regulations in guiding an individual's behaviour within the organisation. Its intention is to promote a better understanding of the stakes involved and the tools and methods available for improving the management structures and processes of national education ministries.

  • Diagnostic tools / surveys, Audit, Educational management, Central administration, Decentralization, Governance
  • International