External quality assurance in higher education: how can it address corruption and other malpractices?

Author(s) : Martin, Michaela

Imprint : 2016

Collation : p. 49-63

Series : Quality in Higher Education, v. 22, no. 1

Corruption and malpractices in higher education are today a major concern in nearly all higher education systems worldwide. It is a multifaceted phenomenon and has become particularly visible in the academic domain. This paper represents an exploration of the possible role that quality assurance can play in addressing corruption and malpractices. First, it briefly studies the factors that enhance the risk of corruption and malpractice in higher education. Second, it examines how quality assurance systems can potentially identify and prevent corruption in higher education. Third, it discusses organisational options that prevent corruption in the quality assurance procedure itself. In other words, how the quality assurance procedure should be built in order to lower the risk of becoming itself the object of unethical behaviour and corruption.

  • Corruption, Educational management, Ethics, Quality assurance and accreditation, Higher education